Air Tools | Different Types | How to Use Them

In today’s modern world, we have plenty of different types of tools available to accomplish a particular task. No matter whether you work in an industry or a DIY enthusiast, you must be equipped with a set of power tools with which you can finish your project faster. 

When it comes to power tools, there are two different types, Electronic Power Tools and Pneumatic Power Tools. Depending on your basic needs, you should get a reliable power tool from the market. In this article, we will give you brief information about the Air Tools, their types and how you can use them. 

Air Tools: Overview 

Air Tools also are known as Air-Powered Tools or Pneumatic Tool.

Air-powered tools have been in the market since the 18th century and still considered as the best companion for professionals working in the garages and other industries. 

Unlike the Electronic Power Tools, Air Tools run through compressed air. Yes, it requires an external air compressor to use it. Air tools are compact in size and offer great versatility. Air tools are highly used by the garage owners to finish their jobs faster. In today’s market, we have numerous types of Pneumatic Tools present which can be used by the professionals working in different industries. 

 Air Tools are handy tools which can be used by anyone for different types of jobs. If you are wondering about how you can use an air tool and what are the different types of air tools present in the market, then here we have listed down everything that you might want to know about. 

How Does a Pneumatic Tool Work? 

Pneumatic Tool is nothing but a type of power tool which uses direct compressed air to run. It requires an external air compressor with which you can easily operate it within a specific range. The tool’s one end attaches to the pneumatic tool while the second end attaches to the tank of the compressor. To control the air pressure, the tank features a valve mechanism. 

Each Air Power tool features a firing pin. When you push the trigger of the tool, the firing pin will be opened up and let the air passes through it. When you release the trigger, the firing pin will shut down and the compressed air’s flow will be stopped immediately. That’s how the Pneumatic Tool works. 

With great versatility of the tools, they can be used for a range of tasks in different fields by different professionals. Air Tools are becoming more popular day by day as they are versatile, light in weight, compact in size and easy-to-use. 

With the great versatility of the air tools, they are highly used by the different types of professionals. Air Powered tools are of different types and you can easily find a reliable alternative to all the power tools powered by Air. 

What is the different type of Pneumatic Tools? 

With new technologies and inventions, we have numerous types of air powered tools present in the market. You can easily find an alternative to drill machine and all the other types of power tools in the below given list of Pneumatic Tools. 

Depending on your needs and profession, you can get the best and most reliable Pneumatic Tools. Here, we have listed down the 15 must-have pneumatic tools present in the market. Let’s collect some useful information about each tool. 

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches

Pneumatic Impact Wrenche

Impact Wrenches is nothing but a modernize wrench that works with air power and no manual force. An impact wrench is also known as impact gun, air gun, air wrench and many other names by professionals working in different industries. When no other wrench work, a pneumatic impact wrench comes into the rescue! 

A pneumatic impact wrench works with air power which offers additional force and better grip to unscrew the bolts. This tool is designed to deliver high torque. Pneumatic impact wrenches are highly used in heavy-duty construction projects, automotive industry, assembling the products and more. 

Pneumatic Impact Wrenches come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your basic needs and usage, you can get the suitable type of wrench from the market which can work as per your expectations. It is designed with a unique hammer mechanism which works with a durable shaft to unscrew the stubborn bolts easily. 

If we talk about the different parts, then a Pneumatic Impact Wrench consists of the output shaft, hammer, hammer cage, rotor and rotor blade, a pin etc. All these components work together to provide extra force and tight gripping to unscrew the bolts with no extra efforts. 

New models come with an innovative forward and reverse control system to screw and unscrew the bolts. You just need to pull or push the lever button to change the control of the tool. 

The tool features a hose adapter where you need to attach the hose that passes high pressure air to the tool to make it work. The rotor blades are placed inside the cylinder where high pressure air comes in. The air pressure pushes the blade inside the cylinder which is directly connected to the hammer. With the connected shaft, the wrench starts to work with the air power. 

To make them more versatile, Impact Wrenches support different types of accessories which you can use. Universal wrench allows you to change the main wrench head which you can use for different applications. They come with an easy-to-use functionality where you just need to press the button to start the wrench. 

Air Operated Body Saw /Pneumatic Reciprocating saw

Air Operated Body Saw

An air powered body saw is yet another popular and versatile power tool you can get to accomplish a variety of tasks. The air-powered body saw is designed for body shop workers who can use this machine for exhaust work, repairing of the body shop, installations of roof and more. It’s a compact-sized tool that delivers exceptional performance. It runs at 10,000 SPM to cut through all types of materials. 

You can use this power tool on plywood, wooden sheets or medium-sized metal sheets. It uses a high-quality blade which can be adjusted easily with a built-in adjustable blade guard. You can control the depth of the cutting material to get accurate and precise cuts through it. 

The build quality of the Air Powered Body Saw is made from high-grade metal or aluminum materials which ensures great durability and long life. It also features a lever throttle and a regulator to manage the speed of the blade. 

It is also known as pneumatic reciprocating saw which runs through compressed air. The cutting capacity of the body saw is quite fair to cut through metal materials easily which is why it is highly used by the shop workers. It can cut through metal materials of up to 2mm size. 

For the convenience of the users, the body saw comes with a replaceable blade. You can easily change or replace the blades of the body saw as per the type of material. A handy tool comes with a better gripping to hold it tight while cutting down the durable metal materials. 

Depending on your needs, you can get a suitable air body saw from the market as they come with different compatibility. The cutting speed, the adjustable blade and all the other functions and features may vary from brand to brand. Make sure you note down your basic requirements from the air powered body saw tool first, it will help you to get the suitable one from the market.

Cut-off Grinder 

A cut-off grinder is a versatile tool that can be used for a range of applications. The tool is designed for professionals who can use it for grinding, cutting. Cut-off grinders can be operated through direct electric power and air power. Air powered cut-off grinder has gained massive popularity due to its high performance. 

It’s a lightweight and compact-sized tool which can be used with a single hand. The tool is highly used by the shop workers to cut down different types of metal sheets and materials. The grinder uses a durable metal blade which is attached to the power tool perpendicularly. The blades are directly connected to the shaft which accepts power through compressed air. 

Being compact in size, a cut-off grinder can be used in tight places easily. You can easily accomplish the most difficult job easily with the cut-off grinder. It’s a powerful tool which requires extra safety while using. Make sure you wear proper safety gears while using it. 

Compared with the Battery Powered or Corded Cut-off Grinders, the Air-powered tool is quite popular as it delivers a high cutting performance which is why most professional like to buy an air powered cut-off grinder. A cut-off grinder uses a small sized disc which acts as a blade. You can expect precise cuts with a small-sized disc of the grinder. 

A cut-off grinder is relatively cheaper than other types of grinders as they are designed for specific tasks only. They are light in weight and compact in size, offering the best of the working environment to use it properly. 

Air Hammer 

An air hammer is also known as air chisel or pneumatic hammer which is used to carve at different types of materials which includes metal, stone etc. Being an air-powered tool, it runs through compressed air. The tool’s main working area is to dig holes or smoothen the surface area of different materials at ease. 

It’s a powerful tool and the best replacement to the standard hammer. If we talk about the build quality, the air hammer tool is made from high-grade metal and rubber materials. It’s a handy tool which can be used with a single handle to smoothen the surface. 

The cylinder of the hammer features a metal piston which moves up and down. The piston is directly connected to a valve that let the high-pressured air passes through it to run the bit of the hammer. The drill bit regulates the speed and force of the hammer. You can also adjust the speed of the piston by using the built-in regulator on the hammer. 

Just like every other air powered tool, the air hammer also uses different types of bits and heads. Depending on your needs and materials, you can use the suitable tip and head on the hammer tool. 

The drill bits are used to put a hole on the surface area. Some bits can cut through metal sheets, removing rivets, take out mortar etc. 

An air hammer is a powerful tool and for that reason, you need to take some safety precautions while using it for different applications. Keep it steadily and firmly to use it safely without causing any injury to the users. 

Make sure you wear a safety mask, glasses, gloves etc. Also, check the position of the tool, keep the head away from your side to prevent injury.

Air Blow Gun

Air blow gun is a popular air-power tool which is highly used in the automotive industry. Being an air operated gun, it is directly connected to an air compressor. It runs with high-pressure air which is the main fuel of the gun. The air blow gun consists of a nozzle and a trigger. 

A nozzle is the main part of an air gun which is used to blow off dirt, water particles from various surfaces. It is used for cleaning and drying up things. Air blow gun consumes less energy while providing great performance to clean up different equipment, vehicles, parts, surfaces etc. 

If we talk about the build quality, the air blow gun is made from metal and plastic materials. With competition in the market, we have different types of air blow guns available in the market which comes with a set of unique features and different build quality. Depending on your needs, you can go with a suitable model from the market. 

Moreover, an air blow gun is compatible with different sizes of nozzles. You can easily control the flow of air by using a suitable air nozzle. You can even control the airflow by rotating the regulator which is also attached to the nozzle if you go with the premium-end air blowgun. 

If you are not a professional user or trying out the air blow gun for the first time, then you need to be a little careful while using it. It’s a powerful tool which can cause injury, you should be a little worried about your safety first. To do so, make sure to choose an air blow gun which comes with multiple outlets so that when the main blowing end closed, air can pass through the secondary holes. 

You should also check if there is a valve or control function present on the nozzle. If it lacks a valve to control the air pressure, then you should not buy it. Make sure to choose the gun which comes with an air management function. 

Pneumatic HVLP Paint Gun

HVLP Pain Gun is highly in demand as it delivers a great performance that makes the entire painting task faster and hassle-free. HVLP stands for high volume low pressure. If you are a DIY enthusiast and looking for a reliable spraying tool for various projects, then a spray gun or a paint gun is highly recommended for you. 

Using a spray gun doesn’t require any kind of knowledge or experience. With just a little information, you can easily start using a paint gun. Pneumatic HVLP Paint Gun uses air pressure to work. Just like the blowgun, a paint gun also takes power from the attached air compressor. 

The HVLP Paint Gun uses a large volume of air at low pressure which prevents pain loss. The pain transfer efficiency of an HVLP Paint Gun is 90% which means you can get the job done faster without wasting paint. 

The HVLP Paint Gun consists main hose, a turbine and the gun which provides better gripping and handling. The turbine uses multiple small-sized fan to blow the paint. For thinner finish on the surface, a single fan turbine is good enough. For high-duty paint jobs, you need to go with the sprayer that uses a multi-fan turbine. 

One end of the gun is attached to the main blowing hose and the other end is attached to the air compressor. When you press the trigger, air starts to travel through the turbine. The high-pressure air takes out paint from the storage container and throws it away to the wall. 

The nozzle of the sprayer is different from brand to brand and for different paint applications. You can get different types of nozzles or can replace or change the tip to make it more versatile. 

Wear safety gears such as a mask, glasses and gloves while using an HVLP Paint Gun. You should also take care of your clothes as paint particles might make them dirty. Wear old clothes while working with this paint gun. 

Pneumatic Tire Inflator 

Tire Inflator is an essential tool to have in your care during the roadside emergency. If you are a frequent traveller or love to go on a long drive more frequently, then a pneumatic tire inflator is there to help you out. Thankfully, we have a range of different types of portable tire inflators to choose from. 

A tire inflator tool is an easy-to-use tool which can be used by anyone. It doesn’t ask for any special knowledge or experience. Portable tire inflator works with the power of your car. 

If we talk about the Pneumatic Tire Inflator, then you may see it in the garage or gas station. A pneumatic tire inflator uses high pressured air from the air compressor. 

One end of the hose is open while the second end is connected to the air compressor. You just need to insert the open end of the inflator to the tire and that’s all. 

If we talk about the portable tire inflators, then they are very efficient and easy-to-use, unlike the traditional inflators. A portable inflator requires you to connect it to the 12V socket of your car. Check the connection of the nozzle and other components well. 

To inflate the tire, you just need to connect the nozzle to the inflator. It uses a small air compressor which compresses the air and sends it to the tire via a nozzle. 

You just need to switch on the inflator to pass the compressed air inside the tire. Make sure you check the pressure of the tire periodically to prevent an accident. It’s a must-have tool if you own a car. 

Pneumatic Drill Machine 

A pneumatic drill machine is a modernize drill designed to work with high-pressure air. It is also known as a jackhammer in the industry and most professionals use this tool to drill different types of surfaces with high pressure air. 

Air powered drill machines are highly used in the construction sides to break down rocks and concrete surfaces easily. Since an air powered drill uses a small motor, the overall weight of this tool is lighter than the traditional drill machines. The lightweight machine improves productivity and makes the drilling process super fun. 

Pneumatic drills provide the same power as electric drills. You can work efficiently and finishes the job in less time. The machine is designed from high-grade metal and plastic materials, the pneumatic drill is designed to work for years. 

The main use of the drill is to drill into hard substances and surfaces such as rock, concrete, marbles etc. The functionality of the pneumatic drill is completely different from the standard hydraulic drills. The pneumatic drill produces a chipping motion which mimics the functionality of the hammer. 

You can use the pneumatic drills on the flat surfaces and not on the slopes etc. It’s a powerful machine which can cause injury if you do not take proper care. The tool features two side handles on the top. The main hose is attached to the air compressor which is in the middle part of the drill. 

Your duty is to hold the side handles firmly and keep the drill straight. You can adjust the drilling power by using the regulator. What makes the pneumatic drills different from the standard machines is you can use them in the rainy season as well. 

Pneumatic Drill Machines come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your basic needs, you can get a suitable model from the market which can work as per your expectations. 

Air Dual Action Sandler 

Dual action Sandler is a versatile tool which is used by the professional for a range of applications. Air dual action Sandler uses power from the connected air compressor. It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool which requires no prior knowledge or experience, anyone can easily start using this finishing tool to get the job done. 

Air Dual Action Sandler is used for finishing of different types of materials and surfaces. It is also used for feather edging. With its dual action or motion pads, it offers swirl-free finishes. 

The motor of the Sandler is directly connected to the main air compressor from where the Sandler takes power. A highly pressurized motor rotates the shaft and the main pads of the Sandler which provides efficient and smooth work. 

It’s a lightweight and handy tool which can be used with a single hand only. The functionality of this tool is super easy where you will be given full control to use it the way you want on a range of surfaces and materials. 

The Sandler’s pads move forward and backwards. However, with its dual action mechanism, it also rotates at a moderate speed. Ideally, it combines both the types of Sandler’s I.e. Belt Sandler and Disk Sandler. 

Unlike the other types, the Dual Action Sandler is used for precise finishing. It works well on different types of materials which is why it is highly recommended for the professionals working on premium projects. 

The dual action Sandler’s are highly used in the woodworking industry where accurate and precise finishing required. Since the woodworkers work with different types of wooden materials, a dual action Sandler is highly recommended as it is smooth and doesn’t put unwanted scratches on the materials. 

Pneumatic Nail Guns 

Pneumatic Nail Gun is one of the most popular tools among professionals working in different industries. This nail gun is known for its versatility as it can be used for a range of applications. It is powered by high pressure air. The functionality of the Pneumatic Nail Gun is completely different from the traditional hammer gun. 

Nail Guns are used by professionals for heavy-duty tasks. A nail gun is used to embed nails rapidly with high speed with the high-pressure air. It works effortlessly and finishes the job in less time. 

Using a manual technique is a bit hard and time consuming. On the other hand, a pneumatic nail gun is very easy-to-use and you can embed nails effortlessly on various objects and surfaces. 

Different types of nail guns have the same firing mechanism. The air powered nail gun consists of one or two cylinders. The sliding piston cylinder let the high-pressure air easily passes through on the upstroke and then guide it to the downstroke. The constant high-pressure air supply flows through the main hose of the gun. 

With the help of the trigger, the user can control or manage the high-pressure air flow inside the cylinder of the nail gun. 

Pneumatic Nail Guns use a magazine of nails which can be easily loaded with the main gun. Once the nails get over, you can easily replace the nail magazine by simply pushing the button. 

These types of guns are very powerful and effective work well with thick nails and hard materials. All it requires is a connection to the air compressor and that’s it. They are handy enough to use easily and serves easy functionality which requires no prior knowledge. 

Pneumatic Angle Grinder 

An angle grinder is a popular and must-have power tool for the construction and woodworking industry. Even DIY users also make use of this tool for grinding and polishing. An angle grinder is also known as disk grinder or side grinder. There are numerous types of angle grinders available in the market from which most professionals would go with the Pneumatic Angle Grinder. 

Pneumatic Angle Grinder works differently than the traditional electric grinders. We also have a range of cordless angle grinders run through the built-in battery. There are many reasons why most new buyers would like to buy a pneumatic angle grinder and not the electric one. 

The first and advantage of using a Pneumatic Angle Grinder are it is completely shockproof. You don’t need to worry about the electric shock while using this angle grinder. It’s a lightweight unit and can be handled easily with an ergonomic design. 

With great stability, it provides up to 100% accuracy with your work. The high-performance motor runs the disk rapidly and faster which performs really great and accomplishes your task in less time, as a result, it increases your productivity. 

Additionally, a pneumatic angle grinder requires less maintenance than the traditional ones. You can easily service it out by using normal tools such as a wrench, plier etc. While the electric models require regular maintenance, which would cost you really high. 

With the great cutting angle and easy-to-adjust design, a pneumatic angle grinder is high in demand. It provides great power with increased performance to work on a range of applications and different materials. 

Just like every other power tool, you need to be a little careful while using this powerful tool. Always wear glasses, mask and other safety gears while working with this angle grinder tool. 

Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches

Pneumatic Ratchet Wrenches are quite popular amongst the professionals working with different types of bolts. These tools are used to tightening and loosening the bolts. Pneumatic ratchet wrench is also known as air ratchet and torque ratchet. 

The pneumatic ratchet wrenches are used in the heavy construction, automotive and manufacturing industries where they have to work with different types of bolts and screws. 

It is powered by high-pressure air; the wrench is directly connected to the air compressor to receive compressed air. An air-powered ratchet wrench has the same square drive as the manual ratchet wrenches, but the air motor in this type is connected to turn the socket drive.

With a simple trigger mechanism, you can easily operate it the way you want. When you pull the trigger, the motor activates which turns on the socket drive. A switch is also given to control the wrench and its power. It is fully functional and lets you easily operate the wrench as per your needs. 

Unlike the impact wrench, this type of wrenches is used when you need a speedy work. It is highly used by the automotive industry workers who need to fix various components and parts of the vehicle. It is also used by the wheel replacers who can easily remove and fix the tire puncture or can replace the wheel or tire of the vehicle in no time. 

 Air Chisel 

An air chisel is a pneumatic hand tool which is also known as air hammer. It’s a part of the carpentry tool which is highly used by the professional carpenter to accomplish their projects. If you work with different types of woods, then an air chisel is a must-have tool for you. 

Being a pneumatic tool, an air chisel is powered by compressed air. This tool can be used for a range of applications and different tasks. It can also be used for cutting and removing tarnish. With different chisel bits, you can extend the functionality of the air chisel. 

The main chisel device is compatible to work with a range of chisels. A number of chisel bits are included when you buy an air chisel kit from the market. There are numerous types of air chisels present in the market from different manufacturers. They come in different shapes and sizes, depending on your basic needs, you can get a suitable unit from the market. 

The one end of the air chisel is connected to the air compressor which takes compressed air from the compressor and throws it to the main chamber for powering the chisel bit. Make sure to start the air chisel with a low setting to avoid damages and accidents from the machine. If you are a new user, then you must follow the guidelines and proper instructions given by the manufacturer first. 

You can easily change the chisel bits to use it on different applications and that’s how you can use this versatile tool for your jobs. It’s an easy-to-use tool which can be used with a single hand. 

Just like any other power tool, you need to wear safety gears such as mask, glasses, gloves etc. while using it to keep yourself safe and healthy.

 Pneumatic Saw 

A pneumatic saw is used for heavy-duty cutting tasks. It is also used by the professional gardeners and home-users to repair things on their own. It’s a versatile tool that works well with different types of materials easily. You can easily use this saw with great power to cut down heavy materials. 

A pneumatic saw uses compressed air to power. An air-powered saw is gaining more popularity in the market just because of its high performance and better safety. The saw is directly connected to an air compressor to generate the motion and that’s how it works for you.

With powerful motion and the great pressure of air, the saw’s blades move upward and downward. The high motion moves the blades faster for cutting down the heavy-duty materials smoothly and quickly. 

Advanced pneumatic saws are designed with the latest vibration reduction mechanism which produces less vibration while working. Unlike the electric saw, the pneumatic saw is light in weight as it doesn’t require an electric motor to move the blades. 

The connected air compressor can use electric power to gas power to compress the air so that the pneumatic air saw can work. The pneumatic saw is used by the industry workers to cut down wooden sheets or metal sheets. Yes, using the compatible blades, you can use the pneumatic saw on a range of materials. 

Thankfully, the main blade head of the air saw is compatible with multiple blades. You can easily replace and use the suitable blade as per the type of material you want to cut down. Make sure to check the comfort level, the build quality and the cutting power of the pneumatic saw while purchasing the new one from the market. 

Make sure to keep yourself safe and free from injuries while working with the Pneumatic Saw. You are requested to wear safety goggles, safety gloves, safety shoes etc. while working with the air saw machine. 

Pneumatic Wood Borer

A pneumatic wood borer is a handy tool designed to bore. If you need deep boring of wooden materials or any other type of materials, then the pneumatic wood borer is the best tool for you. It works on the same rotary-style mechanism which uses a drive bit to put a hole on the wooden materials. 

The tool is equipped with a wood bit chuck which can accommodate a range of wood bits. You can easily work with the wood bit chuck to replace or change the bits as per your needs. Yes, you can easily replace the bit just by opening the bit chuck and inserting the suitable bit. 

Unlike the other pneumatic tools, the pneumatic wood borer is not a versatile tool as it is designed for drilling only. It comes with a handy design where one end of the borer is attached to the air compressor with a hose. High compressed air from the compressor passes through the hose to run the motor and that’s how the drilling mechanism of the wood borer work. 

The pneumatic wood borer comes with a top handle and a side handle for great stability. You can focus on a particular task by holding the machine steadily which gives you accurate drilling experience. It runs faster which also takes less time for drilling.